Knockin' on Your Door

John Reedy

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Song : C#

F# B
I'm knockin' on your door again my darlin'
C# F#
I'm knockin' on your door please answer me
Well I tried to make you realize my darlin'
C# F#
That no one else was ever meant for me

Well, I remember dear you said you'd always love me
And you promised me a happiness so true
But now you gone away, dear, with another
And I wonder if you feel the way I do


I never read the letter that you wrote my little darlin'
I'm sailing far across the deep blue sea
I'm knockin' on your door again my darlin'
To return the letters that you wrote to me


So good-bye my dear, I know you'll soon forget me
And I hope that you find happiness so true
But whenever you make your sweet heart remember
That no one else will be he same for you