Cliff Edward

Paddlin' Madelin Home

Harry M Woods


Song : A
Eb Bb7
I love a girl named Madeline
I know she loves me, too
For ev'ry night the moon is bright
F7 Bb
She rides in my canoe

Eb Bb7
At midnight on the river
I heard her father call,
But she don't care and I don't care
If we get back at all

Bb7 Eb Ebdim7 Eb
'Gee when I'm paddlin' Madelin' home,
F7 Fdim7 F7
Gee! when I'm paddlin' Madelin' home,
Bb Eb
First I drift with the tide, then pull for the shore.
F7 Bb
I hug her and kiss her and paddle some more,
Bb7 Eb Ebdim7 Eb
Then I keep paddlin' Madelin' home,
F7 Fdim7 F7
Until I find a spot where we're alone.
Bb Eb Bb7 Eb F7
Oh! She never says "no," so I kiss her and go
Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7
Paddlin' Madelin', sweet, sweet Madelin',
F7 Bb7 Eb
Paddlin' Madelin' home