Beach Boys

Disney Girls

Bruce Johnson

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Song : D

Intro :
F Fmaj7 Gm7 C7
Gm7 C7

F Fmaj7 Gm7
Clearing skies and drying eyes now I see your smile
C7 Gm7 Fmaj7 F Bb Fdim7
Darkness goes and softness shows a changing style
F Fmaj7 Gm7
Just in time, words that rhyme will bless your soul
C7 Gm7 C7 Fmaj7 F6
Now I'll fill your hands with kisses and a Tootsie Roll
Eb Bb F F7
Oh re-ality, it's not for me and it makes me laugh
Eb7 Bb
Oh, fantasy world and Disney girls
F Fdim7 C7 Gm7 C7
I'm coming back

F Fmaj7 Gm7
Patti Page and summer days on old Cape Cod
C7 Gm7 Fmaj7 F Bb Fdim7
Happy times making wine in my garage
F Fmaj7 Gm7 Gm7
Country shade and lemonade guess I'm slowing down
C7 Gm7 Fmaj7 F6
It's a turned back world with a local girl in a smaller town
Eb Bb F F7
Open cars and clearer stars that's what I've lacked
Eb7 Bb F A7
But fantasy world and Disney girls I'm coming back

Dm Gm7
Love hi Rick and Dave, hi Pop, well good morning mom
C7 Fmaj7 F6
Love get up, guess what I'm in love with a girl I found
Bb C7 Gdim7 A7 D7aug D7
She's really swell 'cause she likes church bingo chan - ces
Fdim7 G7 C7aug C7 Gm7 C7

F Fmaj7 Gm7
All my life I spent the nights with dreams of you
C7 Gm7
And the warmth I missed and for the things I wished
Fmaj7 F Bb Fdim7
They're all coming true
F Fmaj7
I've got my love to give and a place to live
guess I'm gonna stay
Gm7 C7
It'd be a peaceful life with a for-ever wife
Fmaj7 F6
and a kid someday
Eb Bb F F7
Well it's early nights and pillow fights and your soft laugh oh!
Eb7 Bb F
Fantasy world and Disney girls I'm coming back aaaaaaah !

Instrumental doodoodoos and aaaaahs :
F Fmaj7 Gm7 C7 Gm7 Fmaj7 F Bb Fdim7