the Ballad of 310 To Yuma

Ned Washington George Duning


Song : F

Intro :
Em Bm Em Bm7

I want to ride again
D Em
On the 3: 10 to yuma
D Em
Thats where i saw my love,
A Em D Em
The girl with the golden hair

Not a word between us was spoken,
Em Bm
Though the silence never was broken
C Bm7
But before she left her eyes said a sad goodbye,
A Em
Sad am I, sad am I,

Bridge :
Bm A Em
To think of the chance that missed,
G A Bm7
I could cry to think of the lips left unkissed.

D Em D Em
Perhaps she'll ride again on the 3:10 to yuma,
A Em D Em
And i can meet my love and tell her how much i care.
Though i have no reason to go there,
Em Bm
And theres not a soul that i know there,
C Bm7
When the 3:10 to yuma leaves if i have the faith,

Outro :
Em C
I'll be there, I'll be there,
Bm C Bm7 Bm
I'll be there