Marilyn Monroe

River Of No Return

Ken Darby Lionel Newman

BbGm7Eb F7

Song : F
Intro :
Bb Gm7 Eb F7
If you listen you can hear it call, Wailaree...Wailaree!

Bb Gm7 Eb F7
There is a river called 'The River of No Return'
Bb Gm7 Eb F7
Sometimes it's peaceful & sometimes wild & free!
Bb Gm7 Eb F7
Love is a traveler on the River of No Return
Bb Gm7 Eb F7 Bb
Swept on forever to be lost in the stormy sea Wailaree

Bb Gm7
I can hear the river call no return, no return

Eb F7
No return, no return
Where the roarin' waters fall, Wail-a-ree

I can hear my lover call
"Come to me" no return, no return

Bb Gm7 Eb F7
I lost my love on the river & forever my heart will yearn
Bb Gm7 Eb F7 Bb
Gone, gone forever down the River of No Return
Bb Eb Bb
Wail-a-ree Wail-a-ree, wail-a-ree
Eb F7 Bb
He'll never return to me! no return, no return, no return