For the Gambia Our Homeland


Hymne de Gambie

Virginia Julie Howe Jeremy Frederick Howe


Song : F
C F G7
For The Gambia, our homeland
C G7 F
We strive and work and pray,
C F G7
That all may live in unity,
C F G7 F C
Freedom and peace each day.

C F G7
Let justice guide our actions
C G7 C
Towards the common good,
F G7 C F
And join our diverse peoples
G7 F C G7 C
To prove man's brotherhood.
G7 C G7 C
We pledge our firm allegiance,
F C F G7
Our promise we renew;
G7 C G7 F D7
Keep us, great God of nations,
F G7 C
To The Gambia ever true.