Sol Ho'opi'i

it's Hard to say Good Bye

Sol Hoopi


Song : D
Intro :
E7 Am B7 Em E7 A7 D7
G E7 A7 C Bbdim7 G E7
A7 D7 G

E7 Am
It is hard to say goodbye
B7 Em
My eyes are filled with tears
E7 A7
My heart just seems to tell me
I may lose you dear
G E7
And as you go I wonder
A7 C Bbdim7
If you're leaving with a sigh
G E7
That's why it's hard to say dear
A7 D7 G
Goodbye sweetheart, goodbye
G E7 A7 C Bbdim7
G E7 A7 D7 G