Me and My Shadow

Billy Rose Al Jolson Dave Dreyerk


Song : D

Intro :
D F#m Bm Dm6 Edim7 G
Me and my sha - dow,
G Gmaj7 Dm6 Edim7 D F#m G Gdim7
Strol - ling down the av - e - nue,

D F#m Bm Dm6 Edim7 C#7
Me and my sha - dow,
Bm F#m Fdim7 C#7 A
Not a soul to tell our troub - les to.

A Em7 Edim7 D9 D6
And when it's twelve o'clock,
A7 Am6
We climb the stair,

Cdim7 B7 Cdim7 B7
And we nev - er knock,
Dm6 A7 Em7 Edim7 A7
For no - bod - y's there,

A13 D F#m Bm Dm6 Edim7 G
Just me and my sha - dow,
G Gmaj7 Em7 Edim7 D
All a - lone and feel - in' blue.