Ella Fitzgerald

Lullaby of Birdland

B.Y. Foster (George David Weiss) & George Shearing


Song : B

Em Em6 Bbdim7 B7
Lullaby of birdland - that's what I
Em7 Cmaj7 Am7 D9
Always hear when you sigh;
Bm7 Em7
Never in my word land
Am7 Cdim7 G C9 Am6 B7
Could there be ways to reveal in a phrase how I feel.

Em Em6 A7 B7
Have you ever heard two turtle doves
Em7 Cmaj7 Amaj7 D9
Bill and coo when they love?
Bm7 Em7
That's the kind of magic
Am7 Cdim7 G D7 G Gmaj7
Music we make with our lips when we kiss.

Bridge :

E9 Bdim7 Am Am7
And there's a weepy old willow -
D9 Cdim G Gmaj7
He really knows how to cry!
E9 Bdim7 Am Am7
That's how I'd cry on my pillow
D9 Cdim7 G B7
If you should tell me farewell and good-bye.

Em Em6 Bbdim7 B7
Lullaby of birdland - whisper low,
Em7 Cmaj7 Am7 D9
Kiss me sweet, and we'll go
Bm7 Em7
Flyin' high in birdland,
Am7 Cdim7 G C9 Am6 B7
High in the sky up above all because we're in love.

Repeat Bridge

Repeat last verse

Coda :

Am7 Cdim G
High in the sky up above
Am7 D9 Cdim G C9 Am7 G#7 G
All because we're- in - love.