Joséphine Baker
Version Brésilienne


Ary Barroso Bob Russel

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gimmick 2

Song : F

G6 Gm6
Brazil, the Brazil that I knew,
where I wandered with you
E7aug E7
lives in my imagi na tion
D7 G6
Where the songs are passionate
D7 G6
and a smile has a flash in it
D7 G6
nad a kiss has heart in it
D7 G6
For you put you heart in it
G Gaug G6 Gmaj7 G
And so
Am F F#dim Adim7
I dream of old
Gaug G6 Gmaj7
Am F F#dim
Adim7 G
Bra zil
Gaug G Gaug G Gaug G6 Gaug G
Where hearts were entertaing June
Am F F#dim F
Am F F#dim F Am F F#dim F
We stood beneath an amber moon
Am F F#dim Am Cm6
and softly murmured softly

G Gaug G6 Cmaj7
Am F F#dim Adim7 G G7
and clung together then
E7 Dm E7
the morning
Dm E7
found me nights away
Am F F#dim F
With still a million things to say

Am F Am Cm G
Now when twilight dims the sky above
recalling thrills of our love

D7 G Gaug G6 Gmaj7
Theres one thing im certain of
Am F F#dim
Re - turn
Adim7 G
I will
Gaug G6 Gmaj7 Am F F#dim Adim7 G
to old
Gaug G6 G Am F
F#dim Adim7
Bra - zil
G Gaug G6