Muskrat Ramble

Ray Gilbert Edward "Kid" Ory

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Song :G

G Em D D9 D D7
Shufflin', shufflin', shuf - fl - in' down
D D9 D D7 D9 D7 G G6 G5 D
Ram - bl - in', scram - bl - in,' head - in' for town
G Em Bm
Hustlin', bustlin', buzzin' around
F#7 Bm D7
Happily awaitin, at the sta - tion

G Em D D9 D D7
Look at that train number sev - en - oh - nine
D D7 G
It's a huffin' and a puffin' and comin' on time
E E7 Am A7
Who do you think is about to arrive?
G E7 Am7 Cdim7 G
It's the band they call the Dix - ie - land Five

D7 Am7 D7 D7 Am7 D7
Da - da - da - da - dum, da - da - da - da - dum

D7 Am7 Cdim7 D7
Da - da - da - da da dum

D Am7 Cdim7 C Bdim7 D9 Cdim7 G9 G
They're gon - na play that musk - rat ram - ble tune
G Am7 G Cdim7 D7 Gdim7 Cdim7 G6 G5
You nev - er heard it played, join in the big pa - rade
D Am7 Bdim7 C Bdim7 D9 Cdim7 G9 G
Al - to - geth - er now one and two join that hap - py throng
G Am7 Bdim7 E7 Bdim7 Am7 Gdim7
Feel the beat of that ramblin', scramblin' muskrat song

G Am7 D7 G
Come on and ramble a - long.