Night in Tunisia

Interlude (Night in Tunisia)

Dizzy Gillespie


Song : A

Eb7 Dm
I live in a dream for a moment
Eb7 Dm
We'd loved in a midnight solitude
Eb7 Dm
But I never knew at the moment
C9 Eb7 A7 Dm
Love was just an in -ter - lude

Eb7 Dm
I thrill as your arms would enfold me
Eb7 Dm
A kiss of surrender says the mood
Eb7 Dm
Then heaven fell down when you told me
C9 Eb7 A7 Dm
Love's a passing interlude

Cm6 D7 Gm
The magic was unsurpassed
Too good to last

Bbm6 C7 F
The magic my heart once knew
C9 A7
Is dressed in blue
Eb7 Dm Eb7 Dm
Eb7 Dm
The shadow of night all around me
Eb7 Dm
I walk in a moonlight solitude
Eb7 Dm
When I thought romance really found me
C9 Eb7 A7 Dm
Love was just an interlude

Eb7 Dm C9 A7 Dm

Em Em Eb7b5 Eb7b5
Dm Dm G7b5 G7b5
Gm Gm Gb7b5 Gb7b5

Da Capo al Fine
F F F C9 A7